Prayer for God’s Glory

To God our loving Father,
Our Creator and Sustainer.
To God the Begotten Son,
Our Healer and Salvation.
To God the Immortal Spirit,
The Finger of the Lord.
For you O Holy Trinity,
All glory is reserved.
Our worthiness is naught
Since Adam’s sin befell.
In body and in soul
Decrepit have we grown.
Yet your mercy has not ceased.
Your love has not waned.
You’ve given us a Son
To free us from this death.
You’ve given us a Mother
To lead us straight to You.
To you Most Holy Trinity,
we come on bended knee.
Heal our broken bodies
ailing from our sins.
Cleanse our blackened souls
Shrouded from Your Grace.
Help us to stand tall
Living holy in Your way.
But do this not for us,
Who deserve it not at all.
But rather for your Glory,
Its limits none can fathom.
For a miracle to the eye,
Like Mary’s falling sun,
affords us hymns of glory
for your marvelous deeds.
You will open up our lips
as our mouths proclaim Your name.
Let our neighbors see your work
And ponder of Your might.
We will make your name renowned
thus nations praise you always.
Let us give you all due glory,
To match your gracious love.

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