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The Eucharist Defined

The Term Eucharist is expressed in countless names owing to its beauty, mystery, and salvific complexity.  Some titles by which it is known are the Liturgy;[*] the Holy Mass[†]; the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass; the Memorial of the Last Supper; a feast; a banquet; the Breaking of the Bread; our Daily Bread; the Spiritual …

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Politics and Ideology

Recently my wife started a text group with family members and introduced the group as a place where we can discuss the two things we have been told never to discuss in polite company: religion and politics. The conversation quickly turned to the politics of Pope Francis and whether popes should be political or not. …

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Thoughts on Traditionis Custodes

On July 16, 2021, the Holy Father, Pope Francis knocked the wind out of a tiny but faithful segment of the Church. His moto proprio, Traditionis Custodes, and its accompanying letter reversed the work of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI’s Summorum Pontificum and harshly restricted the celebration of the Traditional Latin Mass, otherwise known as the …

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The Four Realities of the Mass

The Most Holy Mass is the celebration of Christ’s Liturgy of Eucharistic sacrifice which merges Heaven and earth when celebrated by His one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church. Packed into this one statement is a trove of mysticism and theological depth which is often hard to grasp. The Mass is the anamnesis of Christ’s sacrifice …

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Prayer for God’s Glory

To God our loving Father,Our Creator and Sustainer.To God the Begotten Son,Our Healer and Salvation.To God the Immortal Spirit,The Finger of the Lord.For you O Holy Trinity,All glory is reserved.Our worthiness is naughtSince Adam’s sin befell.In body and in soulDecrepit have we grown.Yet your mercy has not ceased.Your love has not waned.You’ve given us a …

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Prayer for God’s Church

O Athanasius,Protector of Christ the man,Proclaimer of Christ our God.You stood firm against this world,Held fast against its powers.Your body you cast down,To save a church confused.Purged by you was She,The Sacred Bride of Christ.Though Hell shall not prevail,Against His Sacred Body;The members of that BodyFalter yet again.To rocks the seed has strayed,Yet on rock …

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A Prayer for Souls

To you, O Mother Mary,I plea for souls now lost;victims of the evils of the world.The weeds corrupt the wheat,The wolves gnaw the sheep.The vision of Leo is upon us,the “snares of the devil” hold firm.We are wailing and writhing in pain,twisted and wretched our souls;Tormented by sin and confusion,tortured from restless hearts.To You, O …

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